National Simplicity Day – 5 ways to Digital Detox

By katie-sill | 03 Jun 2020 | Category: Blog
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We live in a world where technology is a part of our daily life, whether that’s looking at a computer screen for 8 hours a day for our jobs or just simply scrolling and switching between your top 3 social media apps in the evening, however you use technology, it affects us all!

National Simplicity Day which takes place on 12th July 2020 is all about stepping back and looking at ways to simplify our lives and what better way than a digital detox! We have thought about 5 different ways in which we can give ourselves that break we deserve:

  1. Turn off push notifications

Push notifications are ideal and so convenient for showing us the new likes on our recent Instagram photos for example. However, when you’re having a day off everything digital these aren’t going to help you – so turn them off!

  1. Put your phone away during meals

Sounds so simple and almost a given, but we’ve all probably been guilty of it as some point or another so let’s stop. Making meal times a no phone zone gives you a time period where you are guaranteed to be digital free!

  1. Make your bedroom a no-tech zone

Bedrooms are for sleeping, so make it that way! No phones, no tv, no anything that can emit blue light which keeps you awake. Experts also say that limiting your screen time before you go to sleep can make you better meaning that when you wake up you are more refreshed and readier to start the day!

  1. Limit yourself to one screen at a time

Sounds silly but have you ever found yourself ‘watching’ a film while scrolling through social media? Limiting yourself to one screen at a time is not only better for your eyes but also good for your wellbeing. As busy people it’s very rare we get the opportunity to zone out and just think about one thing, e.g. a film so treat yourself and your mind to a one-screen movie night!

  1. Enjoy more paper-form media

How many of you can say you’ve read a newspaper or magazine within the last 6 weeks? Probably not that many. Now considered a thing of the past, newspapers were how everyone got their information prior to technology so what’s changed? Well it’s just that, technology now provides us with all the information we need there in the palm of our hand. You might not think it but there are so many benefits to picking up a magazine or a paper and giving it a read through, not only the rest to blue-light it gives your eyes!  Newspapers in particular carry the news of the world, not only the country, so by picking up a newspaper you are effectively educating yourself while giving your eyes a break!

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