Everything you need to know about the ‘Rule of Six’

By katie-sill | 14 Sep 2020 | Category: Blog
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Since the reopening of the UK’s economy after lockdown there has been a rise in infections across all ages but in particular amongst those aged 20-29. This has since then led the government to introduce the ‘Rule of Six’ and localised lockdowns.

Now you may wonder what this means for you, as a couple of months ago we were all encouraged to ‘Eat out to help out’, spend money in shops to help the high street and to socialise (while being 1-2 metres apart of course…). This does however all still stand in the latest advice, the government are still wanting us all to live our ‘new normal’ lives as much as we can, but now limiting ourselves to doing that with just six people.

Prior to the new rules being put in place from 14th September, no more than 30 people could meet inside with up to one other household but in a bid to stop the infections from rising, this has all now changed to six but with some exceptions:

  • Exemptions apply for weddings, funerals and organised sports that are conducted in a covid-secure way
  • If you are at work, in school or in an educational environment, the rule of six does also not apply
  • Places of worship are also exempt

You may also notice a few other changes. Have you entered a pub or a restaurant recently and been asked to provide your contact information? Well prior to the new changes this was at the discretion of the business but is now a legal requirement. All social premises including pubs, restaurants and cafes are now legally required to take customers details and keep hold of them for 21 days. This is to allow governments to track outbreaks and the spread of the virus to then alert people who may have come into close contact with someone who has since reported themselves as being infected with the virus. So be prepared to hand over your details next time you’re out and about!

Another big change which has been bought in to curb new infections is fines. £100 fines have been announced if you are caught in a group of more than 6 both indoors and out which this doubling for each repeat offence up to a high £3,200. You may also spot marshals out and about who will be brought in to enforce social distancing in areas in which people are most likely to congregate i.e. city centres.

It can seem overwhelming when new measures get put in place when it feels like we have all only just got used to the last lot, but if we all just remember the new advice from the government of ‘Hands, Face, Space’ and the new ‘rule of six’ we can hope to continue living our new normal lives in the best way we can.

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