Healthy Eating

Improve your wellbeing with a healthy diet.

A healthy diet reduces the risk of obesity and illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and even some forms of cancer.

The food you eat is made up of several nutrients that play an important in your body; Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Vitamins and Minerals. Fibre is also an important element to keeping your body healthy as it keeps your digestive system flowing and working properly.

Healthy eating plays a major role in your health and wellbeing. The amount and types of food you eat have a huge effect on your health. By eating a well-balanced diet you reduce the risk of diseases and obesity.

The Eatwell plate highlights the different types of food that make up our diet, and shows the proportions we should eat them in to have a well-balanced and healthy diet.

A quick tip to get you started. You may have heard of the ‘5 a day’ initiative. This recommends eating five or more portions of fruit and veg a day. It contributes to a healthy, balanced diet. More information can be found under the resource list.

You can also find healthy recipes and tips for simple changes to your diet here.

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